Melanie Oliver, Movement Student

Age: 32     Country of Origin: Australia

Lawyer , triathlete

After an accident almost a decade ago, I had rib and intercoastal damage that other health professionals had not diagnosed. Tlahui not only identified the issue, but helped me down a path of rehab, healing, and ultimately becoming a stronger, happier me.



Atanas Tetikov, Movement and Life Student

Age: 32     Country of Origin: Bulgary

Senior Business Analyst, Allianz, Thailand

Movement trainer: the movement training was an amazing experience. Tlahui explained to me in a very good way the complexity behind the human body and thus made me aware of my own body and how to observe it. He was very attentive to me and managed to help me in a short period of time. I strongly recommend him. The movement training helped me better understand my body and improve issues I was experiencing.

Life coach: As a life coach Tlahui listened always very carefully to me and shared in a very frank way his opinion. This made the communication open and full of trust. He assisted me in understanding situations and people better. At the end I was with better awareness about myself. I strongly recommend Tlahui.



Eliel Cruz, Movement Student

Age: 28     Country of Origin: Mexico

Mathematician, teacher

I met Tlahui last September (2017) and we were talking about working out and different types of exercising.

He then asked me to “stand up with the best posture I could”, so I did (according what I thought was correct and to the best of my abilities), at that moment I realized that I couldn’t even stand properly.

So I decided to train with him because I have tried so many things before but I was still overweight and my posture was terrible to say the least.

He started by explaining his method to lose weight and working out. I couldn’t believe it what he was telling. It was the opposite of everything I believe and thought to be “right”. I thought “this guy is crazy” but why not to try something new?

So I decided to trust him and trained with him for 6 months straight. With his diet and intermittent fasting I’m having a new life style. I was able to lose 14 kg in only 3.5 months, without any suffering!

I really wanna thank Tlahui, because more than a coach he became my friend, brother and mentor in life.

I lost weight but that wasn’t the only good thing. My posture improved a lot. His method movement is so good for our body!

We started from the basic things, such as learning how to breathe. Follow up by his movements that at first I said to myself how on earth this will improve my mobility and strength, but well the rest is history. When I saw my before and after pics after only 3 months I was floored by the improvements!

My lower back, neck and knees always hurt due to the long hours standing while teaching,  were soon gone.

Ar first I could hold a seating squat for around 30 seconds of squats but after a few months I was able to stay in deep squat for up to 15 min of squats without having any pain. I was able to stretch for longer time and with more range of mobility.

It is really impressive how the human body is.

THANK YOU Tlahui for everything. If you guys want a really good coach he is the one. 90% is how you eat and 10% of exercise. Not everyone can make you lose weight and improve in a holistic way. We haven’t finished yet, there is more to come.

Gracias hermano. 💪👊 -life is just amazing-



Ali Meana, Nutrition Student, Corporate Training

Age: 33     Country of Origin: Spain

PMO, Allianz

I had the pleasure to meet Tlahui during some health workshops (Movement – Animal Walks, Nutrition, Acroyoga, Healthy Drinks) that we were lucky to organize in my company (international insurance group). not only my colleagues were extremely happy and satisfied with the workshops, but also i have changed my dietary habits, challenged my own beliefs on food, and made some decisions on daily products that, the way i see it, are going to reproduced for life. What i like more about Tlahui is that he is always inspiring us to take our body and our nutrition serious, and to research and challenge every statements until we find the perfect balance. We will be very happy to welcome him again with more workshops this year. Its just amazing!



Craig Thompson, Movement and Life Student

Age: 47     Country of Origin: Australia

Business owner, investor, athlete

Everyday I meet people who are far wiser than I in some,(usually many) aspects of life, there are a lot of brilliant people out there. Today I will talk a little about one of them (and a little more about myself, surprise surprise).

Obviously we are not what we own, who we know, or what we think we know. Perhaps, we are better defined by what we do, and the way we do it. By the way we move, the way we influence and the way we feel, in other words, the way we relate.

25 years ago I sold my beloved motocycle to begin funding 2 years of full time training as a remedial massage practitioner. Later I trained and worked as a personal trainer in Sydney, neither of these things really grabbed me and I ended up falling back on my trade as an electrical contractor. About 14 years ago I entered the health industry again when I began running a watersports center in Thailand with my wife and former world champion Windsurfer.

All through these happy accidents, I remained fascinated with the mind/body connection and the way emotion shapes not just world events but our own personal desitinies. The tensions of repeated emotions shape our bodies, effecting the way we digest food and ingest ideas. Our expression and our movement can be seen as one thing.

Though I continue to learn much from helping people to move and have fun with the gentle waters in gulf of Thailand. It was not until I began to work with Tlahui Calva that I truly came to understand that through attentive movement the mind and the body are one and no longer at war with each other. We can not think peace, connection, love, respect, we can only ever feel these things. Sense and express, through our biology, through our bodies. We are only ever in relationship with reality or with our thoughts, never both. One is fun the other creates conflict.

What Tlahui teaches is not Feldenkrais, not yoga, it is not animal movement and it is not counseling, while it resembles some of these things it is his own evolving way of helping others to fully inhabit their bodies and their lives with less fear and more honesty. More peace and the calm certainty of acceptance that comes when we stop trying to guess or control the future. Putting our attention back into our bodies again and allowing functionality to replace the build up of micro-traumas that come from living in a noisy world.

If your in Thailand and are interested in exploring healing through movement, through deeply owning the fears and passions that shape you, your choices and your relationships, I totally recommend you book some time with him.



Felix M., Movement Student

Age: 47     Country of Origin: Germany

Cryptocurrency expert,

After years of suffering from too much desk & computer work I was so happy to try Tlahui‘s personal training. He is a genius in seeing and fixing what is wrong with your body. I have been literally pain free after 2 weeks of training. Even better: I finally understand why my body hurts. Please keep on the amazing work!