Life coaching

Life is a long journey, and as such, sometimes we feel lonely, lost, dissatisfied, disconnected, frustrated, unhappy, anxious or depressed. Life coaching sessions can be an antidote to those crippling feelings and thoughts.

Recognizing that we are much more than consumers, professionals, parents, or flesh and bone opens the opportunity to reconnect to our emotional, spiritual, and mental dimensions.

Life coaching sessions open the space to speak out our fears, share our confusion, and trace a path forward.

The mind that runs wild into the future, projecting our worst fears is the enemy. The mind that entertain us with memories of the past distracts us from action.

In our life coaching sessions you will learn strategies to reconnect to the now, the only place in time that exists, and the one you can always deal with.

Quieting the mind allows us to be fearless. It let us recognize that problems don’t have an existence of their own.

We only have life situations that we can either resolve now, or leave them for later, when we have the resources to resolve them.

While optional, our life coaching usually starts with some light movements designed to relax the body. More specifically the hips, which are recognized as the place where trauma is storaged in the body.

Since ancient times, thinkers of the highest caliber have recognized the body as a “storage” of emotions, both positive and negative.

By “moving” your body will naturally “release” some emotional baggage without having to process it mentally, which saves you from some of the pain of confronting past negative emotions.

Once you are in such state, opening up is less painful, and relevant information start flowing naturally.

Limiting believes, fears, paradigms are identified and action can be taken. Expect an undercurrent of joy to become part of your life.

Expect a reduction of tension and pain in your body too.

Life coaching sessions can take place wherever is convenient for you and can be done in English and Spanish languages.

If you are ready to take action, I am ready to share part of my journey and life lessons with you.

Skype and face to face coaching are available.

1 session*
B 3,500.00

10 sessions package – to be used within 6 months
B 30,000.00