Time Doesn’t Exist. It is a human construct, without a reality of its own. The notion of Past and Future allows the human mind to evade reality. We reject reality by dwelling into memories – what we perceive as The Past -, or into the hoping, or fearing what will happen next – The Future -.

Escaping the tramp of Time, allows us to truly perceive things as they are. Without judging them, without interpreting them, without clinging, we stop ourselves from creating a personalities that embodies “the self”.

Time Doesn’t Exist, Really?

Time doesn’t exist. This simple, yet profound affirmation makes people react in anger or disbelieve. It takes away the sense of being by destroying a sense of self built on memory and pride.

It also threatens what is perceived as the hope of a “better” future, which is a negation of the present in itself.

Quantum Physics and Mystical Wisdom have both pointed out to the fact that Time truly doesn’t exist. It seems that all realities, – or their potential -, exist all at the very same instant, awaiting for our consciousness to power them into “physical existence”.

Realizing that Time Doesn’t Exist is a gradual process, as it truly is perceived as a death of the self. It is a realization, not an intellectual agreement. The more you stop your mind wondering in the long lost past, the sweet memories, the pride of what you have achieved, or the guilt or regret of what you did or should have done, the faster you will die to the past.

Die To The Past, Forget The Future

As Eckhart Tolle says in his book “The Power Of Now”, – die to the past every moment. You are the essence , the witness, the observer, and need not to “wear” or “carry” what happened in the past TO BE. You are complete and wholesome even if you carried no memory of what has happened in other “nows”.

The Future is equally toxic. An eternal source of “hope” or “fear”. Yet we fail to understand that as long as we carry a great deal of “Past” on our shoulders, The Future will be nothing but a repetition of our “past”. If you want to NOT repeat your past in eternal loops, you may want to consider reading about creativity here.

Think of The Now as the eternal stage where things happen. Actors come and go, rehears, lights are turned on and off. Functions happen, seasons start and come to and end, yet the stage stays unchanged through eternity.

In this Video I discuss why Time Doesn’t Exist and the hard truth one learns once step out of Time. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable, and threatened.

Tlahui Calva

Curious about “The Power Of Now” by Eckhart Tolle? You can buy the audiobook read by Eckhart himself here.