New Year Resolutions are there to give us hope, and then reasons for disappointment and frustration. In this video “Achieve Your New Year Resolutions”, I offer a perspective to consider about how to achieve things in your life, not only New Year Resolutions.

Knowing what to change in an objective manner, having a real reason to change, formulating your New Year Resolutions while Being In The Now, and being honest about how much you really want to change, will help you to materialize your vision and avoid unnecessary disappointment.

New Year Resolutions – Table of Content:

2:00: Tangible, measurable Resolutions – You can succeed from 1% to 100%.
03:24 You need to have a very clear reason to change.
05:36 One of the reasons I decided to get out of pain – Quality of Life.
07.25 Guilt and drama don’t work, do or don’t, don’t waste time.
08.05 Do without being attached to the results of your pursue.
11:55 If you really try, there is no failure.
13:18 Make a resolution that isn’t base in fear, ego or trauma.
16.23 Be honest, if you don’t want to change, stop saying you do!
18:10 Everything you do and say is spiritual, so take responsibility.
19:50 Accept yourself truly if you don’t want to change.
20:25 Suffering is probably the best reason to change.

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