Being In The Now is what finally has given me a way of “centering” to ItsJustAmazing content. I can finally expand the range of topics I want to discuss in my blog, Facebook and YouTube channels.

This video is a short reflection on how I have struggled to put content. Up until now, I had failed to realize that “Being In The Now”, a common feature of my every day living, could be the “common thread” that adds coherence to the wide range of topics I want to discuss in ItsJustAmazing. Since I have actively practiced Being In The Now, and most of the revelations I have had in the last 5 years have come from being, or trying to be in that state, it makes sense to use it as the glue within subjects.

Finally I have found that “center”, which will allow me to talk about different topics without, hopefully, losing confusing those who kindly read my blogs, watch my videos, or soon will listen my podcasts.

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Cheers and see you on my next video!