This blog talks about the the reasons I am following the carnivore diet. The carnivore way of eating was the unintended consequence of years of research and self-experimentation that saw me going from an overweight, sick, permanently guy in pain, to a 45 years old man in the greatest shape of his life.

Trying To Get Myself Out Of Pain And Disease

For those who know me, you know I have been exploring ways of recovering and maintaining health in the most natural way possible.

For the last 15 years I haven’t left stone unturned in my search for healing a body tortured by pain and disease, as well as emotional imbalances after enduring so much pain and hopelessness.

My path to health and a pain free life started when the medical establishment and conventional “knowledge” failed me. After going to the best doctors money could buy and being told things like “you are imagining everything” or, “you will have to learn to live with this”, I decided that I was going to do everything in my power to get out of excruciating, chronic pain.

The food I was eating, I learnt, was keeping me sick and in a constant state of inflammation. So food, movement, and The Mind, became my three avenues of research and experimentation.

The Search For Elusive Health And Well Being Through Food

I started researching chronic pain, and for the first time I read about chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation happens at a cellular level. Our bodies are at chemical war against viruses, bacteria and other agents, to keep us healthy. But the foods we eat can create and maintain inflammation which in time becomes systemic and permanent. Inflammation is responsible for aging, pain, disease, and eventual death.

While at that moment I couldn’t see or feel the relationship between what I was eating and my injuries and pain, I decided to modify the way I was eating to create a better cellular environment to heal.

This chronic inflammation, at least theoretically, explained why I was so prone to injury, and why my injuries lasted years instead of weeks or months like most other people.

Let The Food Heal You… But What Kind Of Food Heals?

So I reduced processed foods, a lot. And yes, I got better. I started losing weight, pain started to decrease.

Then I added the vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds everyone praises so much, and I did feel better. Things started looking up.

Following the mainstream advice I started reducing animal protein and fats. My weight became more stable, but pain wasn’t getting better.

So I assumed that if I went the plant based food way I would improve more. I pushed and became a vegetarian, eating only superfoods, organic produce and eggs. My condition didn’t get any better. And it was difficult to stay at my “natural” 82-84 kg range without reducing caloric intake. I also realized that the more I pushed the plant based foods, the more I was constantly thinking about food.

My first attempt had to be stopped because I wasn’t feeling good at all. Energy levels were low, mental fog thick, and my mood wasn’t good. I was like a ticking bomb. I could burst into anger for no reason at all.

I tried again, but after 2 trials of 3 months each, I decided vegetarianism wasn’t for me.

Amazingly I blamed myself for not implementing things properly, and I blamed animal products for keeping me away from health.

My Affair With Veganism

So after informing myself to the best of my abilities I went for raw veganism. I felt great, light, happy, and morally above everyone… for about 6 weeks. Then my energy levels dropped to the point that was difficult to keep my eyelids open without copious amounts of coffee and stupid amounts of sugars in the form of fruits.

Brain fog to the max, irritable beyond reason, bloated, depressed. I couldn’t’ understand what I was doing wrong if my meat intake was ZERO. It couldn’t be food, as I was eating to perfection and supplementing with all kind of expensive stuff recommended by the most successful vegans! After 3 months I had to stop.

I consider myself a rather intelligent person, but in hindsight, I am not, or at least I wasn’t 😀

Instead of reconsidering my food choices I went ahead and I blamed myself again, doubling my efforts. I failed.

At last, after 2 trials of 3 months each, I gave up for good. It was clear that Veganism couldn’t sustain my health.

Once I stepped down of my own “moral” superiority cloud, people around me started coming forward telling me their horror stories about veganism. Permanent nerve damage was the one that convinced me that veganism kills.

How did I get so lost trying to get myself out of inflammation by bombarding my body with damn sugars every few hours?

How did I forget that sugars produce inflammation in the body? Because I allowed the media and fake “science” to demonize animal fats and proteins. And also because my ego got the best out of me.

From then on I decided two things: to keep my eyes wide open to detect indoctrination, and to never allow my ego to tell me I was better than others, especially just for my food choices.

Following A Balance Diet AKA I Don’t Know What The Hell To Eat

So I went back to eat a bit of everything, which only really meant one thing: I had no idea where to go from there.

Long story short I met this awesome guy called Craig Thompson. He started talking about the ketogenic diet, and soon after about the Carnivore Diet (CD) or The Carnivore Way of Eating (WOE), while he was munching on RAW minced beef.

I never liked meat much, let alone raw beef, so the idea of feeding on meat alone wasn’t attractive to me. But at 47 he was in a stunning shape, and his level of athletic performance was nothing short of impressive. He was doing something that I wasn’t, and that something was eating meat and ditching carbs, even fruits and vegetables. So after toying with the idea for a while and researching everything I could, I decided to go high on animal proteins and fats while lowering my carbs to 100 grams per day.

Low Carb – High Animal Protein And Fat

For the first time in my adult life I went from 82 kilograms to 76 kilograms without starving myself!

I felt energetic, and I even started looking younger. After 3 months, my bald head remember how to grow hair again. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Best of all, I noticed that I was recovering faster from my workouts and every morning I woke up to less pains and aches. I really was into something.

Ketogenic diet was gaining fame, but decided not to try it. After the vegan fiasco I felt disdain for anything that had to do with “trophies”. Being “better” than others by not killing animals or achieving an artificial number seemed now totally stupid.

Carnivore Way Of Eating, Carnivore Diet, Carnivore Whatever

So I did my own 90 days experiment without carbs. It went well. Inflammation? NONE. Testosterone increased by the sheer quality of my many uncalled night and morning erections. My hair kept coming back. The quality of my skin, hair, nails improved. Energy seemed to be unending. I was sold.

But then I went back to eating carbs, just because they are delicious. And I started paying the price.

The following happens when I re-introduce carbs:

I eat carbs, then I get bloated. To allow the bloating my transversus abdominis disengages. Once disengaged I lose connection with my pelvic floor and ribcage, so lower back goes into lordosis – excessive inward curvature of the spine-, while my ribcage goes upward and my ribs flare out. The core falls apart, posture collapses. I am back into pain. Not the same pain I started with, but bothersome and unnecessary pain. Pain I KNOW I CAUSED MYSELF FROM PUTTING FOOD BEFORE HEALTH.

Each time this happens I realize I am paying too much of a price because my emotional addiction to carbs. So I go back to carnivore, and after a few days, things come back to normal. I regain control over my core and the pain goes away.

Meat, movement and water
Meat, movement and water

Another consequence to eating carbs I have noticed is the loss of vision and direction in my life. I become pessimistic and I start dragging my feet to accomplish the stuff that otherwise I love doing and drives me daily. I become negative and depressive.

So I decided to go full on and become a real carnivore once and for all. I opened the Thailand Carnivore Tribe group on Facebook to stay accountable to others by creating a community where like-minded people can support each other, ask common question, and share tips on how to eat the Carnivore WOE.

Being A Carnivore In Thailand And Leading By Example – Good Example!

My inner circle, and my immediate social circle are fine with my choices, many are highly supportive since they have witness my journey from mess to health.

I am lucky to live in Thailand a place where locals are very tolerant and foreigners end up toning down the ways they think and how they express their emotions. So there are no crazy anti-meat movements and radicalized vegans to confront my Carnivore WOE.

Meats and fats of good quality are available at least in Bangkok. Every restaurant in Thailand, unless vegan or vegetarian, will obviously have something decent to eat when I have to eat out.

Convenient stores and street vendors always have plenty of protein to choose from. I usually avoid eating out, but at least I have options.

People do ask questions and for the most part are willing to listen. I try to be a good example of what I think a person eating the Carnivore (WOE) should be. Look healthy, answer kindly, and not preach others like a vegan. Above all, we shouldn’t judge those who eat differently.

Meat has made me more understanding and relaxed, I owe it to the food I eat, to try to be a better person.

When people refer “science” and “doctors” as proof of how bad my carnivore WOE is, I remind them that it is them, not me, who are overweight, under muscled, chronic diseased, and in pain.

Closing Thoughts

The Carnivore way of eating allows me to go without medical insurance. Just not going to doctors or taking time off because of feeling unwell saves me lots of money.

I don’t buy supplements of any kind kind, not even protein powder or the likes. I only add electrolytes to my water since I believe water lacks the right amounts of minerals.

When people tell me Carnivore diet is expensive, I remind them of how much money, time and effort goes into keeping their bodies from falling apart.

Then it becomes evident this isn’t an expensive way to eat.

I spend my money on brisket, rib eyes, bacon, butter, lard, duck eggs, pork, coffee and water. That is my medicine. That is the medicine that thousands of people have found to diseases no doctor knows how to treat, cure, control or reverse.

Yes coffee is plant base but it doesn’t cause me any problem, so I will keep it.

I am free of pain, I am getting a six pack, I am thankful, I am alive, life is good, I am a carnivore. I love meat.