So this is the last installment of my 90 days No sugars, No Carbs Experiment.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I completed my experiment and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The experiment was a total success, since I was able to stick to it, and my health has obviously been enhanced! After 15 years of experimenting with food, I can say that I have found a way of eating that is sustainable, conducive to health, anti-inflammatory, and keeps me lean and focused all the time.

The first great call was the length of the experiment. Three months proved to be a period of time that exposed me to all kind of situations.I was challenged in ways I couldn’t have encountered had the experiment been shorter.

When experiments are very short, a month or less, it is easy to get things done, without deep change. Anyone can do a sprint, few can run a marathon. Ninety days forced me to surrender physically and emotionally to this way of eating and ingrain new habits.

The experiment has been over for 20 days, yet I am still eating the same way I have for the last 3 months. Sometimes I grab a few bites of fruit, if I REALLY feel like it, or a small piece of bread, but other than that I am only consuming Animal Protein and Fat.

So I will quickly summarize some of the myths that have been dispelled from my point of view, at least on the short term, as well as some of the positive effects I found while eating No Carbs.

If you want to know about the whole experiment you can start from here.

Myths Dispelled

  • Fiber is indispensable. Even I didn’t have any fruits or vegetables I had no digestive issues at all. In fact, my digestion and elimination were much better after the first 3 weeks of adaptation.
  • Vitamins and antioxidants are a must. After my all animal proteins and fats I didn’t lose my teeth, didn’t develop any problem usually associated to lack of vitamins.
  • Meat causes inflammation. While I still haven’t done any blood work I can tell my body is a very anti-inflammatory state, since I wake up every morning without aches or pains. I am definitely in the least inflammatory state of my life.
  • Carbs are necessary for energy. This myth was shattered to oblivion! Without any carbs I experienced extraordinary levels of energy. Sometimes after working more than 18 hours in a row, I felt that I still had too much energy in the tank to go to sleep.

Physical Benefits

  • Mental Focus. Since most of the times I was running on fats, my brain was running on Ketones, which makes you alert and focused at all times. Never sluggish after eating.
  • Endless Energy. As stated before, endless energy. I didn’t experience the lows and highs associated with carbs ingestion.
  • Hormonal Balance. Either my testosterone rose dramatically, or the body is more sensitive to the same levels of Testosterone. Insulin sensitivity, in the absence of Carbs, must be extremely high. My liver and pancreas will thank me later in life.
  • Rejuvenation. My skin got healthier and healthier, so as my my nails and hair. My hair is still growing where I had been bald for years and thickening to what it used to be a decade ago.
  • Superb Digestion and Elimination. My digestion after 3 weeks of adaptation was perfect. As I have stated before, the last week of the experiment I had sinusitis due to very little sleep. After going through antibiotics my digestion was terrible, I felt bloated and overall uncomfortable. Only now I feel my biome (bacteria in the gut) is going back to normal.
  • Fat Loss. While I haven’t checked my body composition, it is easy to see that I dropped plenty of fat. This totally dispel the common believe that it is difficult to be lean after 40.

Other Benefits

  • Emotional Food Detachment. Each day I kept conquering my own weaknesses and addictions. Controlling sudden, emotional impulses is one of the best ways to build strong character and determination.
  • Economics. It just makes sense to eat this way. Eating at home is way cheaper than eating out, even when eating top quality ingredients.
  • Frees Time. With so much spare time not being wasted on drinks, coffee, cake, etc., I found more time to be productive doing the things I enjoy most in life.
  • Discipline. Eating this way really forced me to buy my food on time, learn to prepare it in the healthiest way, cook it, store it and consume it on time. Never before I had been so disciplined about this.
  • “I can do everything” attitude. Every experiment, this one included, has helped me to believe on myself and my capabilities to the fullest of extents. Delaying or even stopping some forms of gratification, help develop the will and vision to make things happen!

Closing Thoughts

The main reason for all the experimentation I have done with Nutrition, Movement and Mindfulness, is to improve the quality of my life as a whole. I feel that eating only Animal Proteins and Fats, is the protocol that is most conducive to health, at least in my case.

While 3 months is a very short time to judge the effects of any nutritional protocol, I can strongly state, that this diet has had the most positive effects in my health in the short term.

Since I will stick to this way of eating, I will be able to see what are the cumulative effects of ditching Carbs for long term health. Be sure I will share any negative effects I experience with you. I am looking for the most optimal way of eating and living, not for evidence that prove me right.

The Future Ahead

I have already started my new experiment, it will be a year long. The most challenging experiment I have ever done.

It will encompass every aspect of my life, so I truly don’t know what the outcome will be or what to expect.

Just to close this series of blogs and videos, I wanted to thank you for reading and watching all the information I posted.

I lost some friends and made many new ones. The haters materialized themselves early in the experiment and allowed me to sort friends from foes, which is always a good thing.

Thanks again, and I hope you find my new experiment as interesting as this one.