Welcome to the 9th and 10th delivery of my 90 days of No Sugars, No Carbs Experiment. If you missed the last delivery, you can find it here.

So nine weeks have gone by and there are only 3 weeks left to go. So many surprises along the way and a lot of learning until now!

So here is the skinny of what happened in the last couple of weeks.

Self-Created Digestive Problems

A couple of weeks ago I started feeling as if my stomach was having problems coping with the high fat content included in my foods.

It had started as a minor discomfort but by the end of two weeks, it had grown to the point of not letting me exercise properly. Nothing or no one messes with my exercising time.

Since 1 part of my movement method (Awareness In Motion) involves me being upside down in different handstand positions, I ended up feeling like vomiting everyday. Not pleasant at all.

It got so bad that one day I ended up drinking too much lime juice to aid with digestion and the acidity of my stomach went overboard. I ended up vomiting after enduring a very bad stomach ache.

Then I did what I should have done from the beginning; analyze what I was doing instead of just trying to not think about what was happening.

It only took a few minutes to identify the one habit I had changed in the last couple of weeks; my water intake.

Two weeks ago I had installed in my apartment a mineralizer to add magnesium to my water supply. At the same time I got a jar to mineralize my water at my restaurant for personal consumption.

Since I was so excited about my purchases, I had started drinking way more water than usual. I was also drinking it as soon as I had finished eating without giving enough time for my stomach to digest what I had just eaten.

To add to the problem, I realized that I was drinking my latte or flat white around an hour or two after my first meal. I was interrupting an already compromised digestion.

The problem then was low acidity in the stomach, so the solution was implemented the very next day.

I started drinking one spoon of organic Apple Cider Vinegar 10-15 minutes before eating. Apple Cider Vinegar increases the acidity of the stomach, allowing a better digestion.

I also made sure to drink my coffee right after my food. If that wasn’t possible, I would have to wait around 3 hours after finishing my meal to drink my beloved coffee.

Three days later the problem was solved. My stomach was back to normal. In fact, my stomach was never the problem, it was my bad decision which created a problem that wasn’t there. Now I no longer take the vinegar since the acidity in my stomach has been restored back to normal.

This goes to show how a small change in habits can create serious problems if left unattended. Always keep an eye on what you are doing, or even better, keep a journal. Most of the times you will be able to track back to the origin of every problem. Your health is your responsibility.

Weight Has Gone Down

My weight finally broke the 76 kilograms mark but only by a couple of hundred grams.

It seems incredible how little weight I have lost over 9 weeks but how dramatically the body composition has changed.

Everyday I am noticeably leaner while managing to pack some extra muscle mass. This may not be the case since my eye may be playing tricks on me. I will be able to confirm or deny this when I take another scan to measure body composition at the end of the experiment.

Dental Health

While I read many times that dental problems started the day that we, as a civilization, domesticated grains, I never related to this information since I never experienced tooth decay in my life.

But at the beginning of this diet, I noticed that one of my molars wasn’t in great shape. Due to some compensations in my body, I was holding a lot of tension in my neck and my jaw. This pressure had made my upper molar to put too much pressure on the lower one and had dug quite a big hole right in its center. I also noticed a black spot indicating decay of my molar.

I resisted the wife asking me to go to the dentist since I knew that going grain free could help. I did some oil pulling for a week and then I worked to release the neck and jaw tension.
To my wife’s disbelief my molar has healed from the decay and the hole is slowly filling in by itself.

Hair Regrowth

My hair keeps growing back. The one that have grown for a while are now as thick as when I was a teenager.

Today I don’t have a single place on my head without hair.. Some parts are recovering slower than others, but they are all filling in. It is thrilling to see how my body is rejuvenating every single day.

If this doesn’t serve as an indication of how good this diet is for health, I don’t know what will. People tell me that I am getting positive results at the expense of my future, but I sincerely don’t know how my health could be showing signs of healing while worsening.

Finish With A Bang

Since I am about to finish this experiment, I want to get maximum results. That is why I have decided to implement 2 new strategies:

  1. Dropping the milk. With a heavy heart I have decided to restrict my cafe to mostly Americanos and French Drips. I will consume only 3 to 5 cups of Lattes and Flat Whites per week. I expect this to help increase fat loss. Getting less hormones and the enzymes natural to big mammals hormones in my body will also be good for my health.
  2. Changing Intermittent Fasting for Restricted Feeding Time. Even though very similar, Restricted Feeding Time (RFT) seems to be superior to Intermittent Fasting (IF). RFT restricts liquids to only water. No black coffee, no tea, nothing at all, except water during the fasting period. This way enzymatic reactions in the liver are avoided, telling the body it is not “day time yet” and triggering fat loss and muscle increase without the presence of resistance training

Closing thoughts

Three weeks don’t seem like much, but I must be careful not to declare victory before finishing it off one hundred percent.

As I always say, the mind is resourceful, and it never runs out of ways to trick us into the wrong patterns to make us fail.

Since I am very careful observing my mind and its ways, I have noticed this “triumphalist” thoughts creeping inside my head telling me that I can relax now. “One bite won’t affect the great work” attitude. I must keep alert and down to earth.

Hopefully I still have many decades to go before I declare myself victorious!