Two weeks have passed since the last delivery. While week number 7th was completely uneventful, week 8 was interesting. Here is what happened.

Weight Loss Reappeared

Since week number 2, I didn’t loss any weight whatsoever. The first week I saw a fast drop of 4 kilograms, from 81 kilograms to 77. It was to be expected, as I had been in a normal diet, which usually is quite inflammatory.

But last week, on Monday, I weighed myself and I was exactly 76 kilograms. Even though every single week I had seen a significant fat loss, I hadn’t seen it reflected in numbers. I had consistently stayed at 77 kg.

After that, my weight has fluctuated depending on what and how much I ate and drank the night before. Even going to toilet or not makes a difference as sometimes I don’t go to eliminate for 1 or 1.5 days. Without all the fiber from vegetables one doesn’t need toilets that often.

At the time of writing my weight was 76.3 kg.

Without Fixation In Food, The Appreciation And Usage Of Time Appeared

One most stay very alert to see the differences in mindset. It is so easy to completely miss slight differences in our thinking process. The interpretation of reality changes ever so slightly when experimenting with oneself, that one must stay vigilant at all times. Always inquisitive and introspective.

What I suddenly realized is how much my relationship with food has thinned. I barely think about food. I am not talking only about Sugars and Carbs. I am talking as food in general.

Food has become a non-issue. I don’t think about it, plan ahead, miss it, strategize around it, or consider it.

I have come to utilize the time I have freed from eating efficiently and productively. So instead of seeing TIME between tasks or appointments as something I have to fill or “kill” with snacks or meals, now I just LIVE it.

Yes, the “abundance” of time, which is how sadly we perceive life before we get a terminal disease, has become natural and precious. I don’t have the need of wasting it, especially entertaining myself with food. And I am using it to learn, create and practice things all the time.

I feel like I am taking a whole university degree here. I am learning all the time. Creative juices are coming back. My work output is off the charts. I have a deep sense of fulfilment and joy.

Honestly, I consider to myself: What the fuck??? How can such a profound thing happen by just not eating sugars and carbs?

On My Way To Lean As Fuck

No joke, I can now envision my body getting very, very lean. My body believes it too. The inevitability of my body going from flabby to cut is growing in me.

How lean will I naturally get? Only time will tell, as I am not using any strategies to trick my body into losing fat.

I am not doing any Intermittent Fasting willingly, I just don’t eat when I am not hungry. I eat when I am, or I realize it has been too long since the last time I had my last meal.

Because my food has a high fat content, I never truly feel hungry, not even close.

I am eating one meal, that can’t be described as big anymore, and a tiny other meal or snack later on, which usually consist of a bowl of broth, or some yogurt. I added some 90% dark chocolate as a snack before going to bed as a reward – yes, I still have the “dog” mindset! 😀

I still drink 2 to 3 flat whites or cappuccinos a day. But some days I am mixing it up and drinking black coffee to reduce lactose intake and the hormones associated with milk production.

Best part is that my skin is getting tighter and tighter around my belly. Six pack is now apparent, and under the right light obvious. Next step? Evident! I love that!

My Physical Practice

I started doing a bit of cardio. Either one Tabata Cycle, which really accounts to 4 minutes of cardio, or a 10 minutes light workout on the elliptical machine. That is all.

I train using my movement method for up to one hour a day, and practice QiGong up to 2 hours a day.

I started working out my shoulders to regain function and control. My right shoulder suffered a very bad injury when I was 17 that was never properly rehabilitated. So I am rehabilitating them now, to enhance mobility and control -the other shoulder got frozen for many years due to all the compensations -. But even this is minor, only 3 to 4 sets of dumbell presses with 7.5 kilograms dumbbells on each hand. Truly nothing.

Some dead hangs with multiple hand positions, staying down on a deep squat for a few minutes, and around 10 minutes of handstands complement the rest of my physical workouts.

Some mornings I am doing a very light backstroke swimming practice for reintegration. I would be surprised if I reach 200 hundred meters at most.


I am supplementing with one Zinc tablet a day.

I bought a great mineralizer filter and installed it at home to add magnesium to my water.

Every morning I drink a big glass of water with Cream of Tartar (Potassium), Himalayan Salt (Sodium and Trace Minerals), Baking Soda and Organic Apple Vinegar.

No-thing else.

Last Comments

Because changes are happening at a slower rate, I have decided to do my deliveries every two weeks only. No point of getting you bored without meaningful content.

So only 3 more deliveries separate me from reaching my 90 days without sugars and carbs goal.

Again, I am deeply considering extending this experiment for a year. If this is the case, I may only do a delivery reporting my findings every month.

After that, the book will be published and Hollywood will buy my story… not. 😀

Thanks for reading it, and see you on the next delivery!