Nakhon Pathom isn’t the first place you think for a weekend escapade from Bangkok. Especially when you want to Stand Up Paddle, swim in a beautiful river, fly drones or see beautiful vintage cars and motorcycles. But when I was confronted with the possibility of being stuck in my condo during Songrkan holiday, the option became inviting enough to give it a try.

Getting To Our Weekend Escapade From Bangkok

Luckily for me, everything was arranged by my good friends Tarin and Iryn, a lovely Thai couple. Iryn was the one that decided for a house called Baan Plear-Naam, on airbnb. All I knew was that the house was located right next to a river called Tha Chin. That sounded promising.

So we started driving there on the 13th of April, right during Songkran holiday. Armed with my Stand Up Paddle Board, and plenty of food to grill, we were surprised to find empty road. Zero traffic. A real miracle given than during Songkran holiday all the main roads get packed to the max.

From the moment we locked the door of our apartment to the moment we parked in Baan Plearn-Naam, we clocked 1 hour and 15 minutes. That is with the wife driving, who isn’t very skillful behind the steering wheel. :p

Baan Plaern-Naam
Baan Plaern-Naam

Nakhon Pathom is a province situated 50 kilometers west of Bangkok. It is so close to the city that you will be forgiven to feel as if you never left Bangkok. Since it isn’t a beach or mountain town, and lacks major attractions, it is usually ignored when considering a weekend escapade from Bangkok.

I could never have imagined that only 15 minutes of small roads would take me to a place that felt so natural and far from Bangkok’s madness!

Baan Plearn-Naam, A Stand Up Paddle Heaven – Tha Chin River –

The moment we arrived I knew we had take a great decision going there. The house is built in the old Thai Style, rich in wood and open spaces. The back garden extends all the way to the river itself. The rooms were nice, clean and comfortable, with air conditioner. You could have 6 people sleeping comfortably in the rooms or 30 sleeping all around the property.

It was quite awesome to wake up, put some swimming trunks, walk down to the garden, take the Stand Up Paddle Board and start paddling around the river. Baan Plearn-Naam allowed me to do just that! Who would have thought that to be possible only one hour away from Bangkok?

Garden By Tha Chin River
Garden By Tha Chin River

Paddling allows you to get close to the houses of people living by the river, see how they interact with nature. The people living there are both “city” and “river” people. One side of their houses face a road going to the city, the other one sends you straight to the wilderness of a river teeming with life.

Just paddling up river and then floating slowly back to where you started was so relaxing. Knowing that somehow you have blended with nature, instead of being an spectator makes the experience all the more fulfilling.

Jumping into the water to cool down, while the sun sets the surface of the river on fire is indescribable. I took my fearful wife right in the middle of the river so she could see the sun setting the surface of the lake on fire. I will never forget the beauty of that moment.

Fly Your Drone Without Hassles In Nakhon Pathom

Tarin brought and flew his drone successfully right next to the railway. No one came to hassle us as it is so usual in Thailand. While the land is completely flat, the lushness of nature and the openness of the space made for very picturesque scenes.

Flying Drones
Flying Drones

His drone also saw action in our garden and all over the river. While doing my Stand Up Paddle sessions I was visited a few times by his drone.

I mention this since most of my friends who fly drones, have problems with people hassling them. So if you want to fly your drone without disturbances, this are in Nakhon Pathom is definitely one to consider!

Jesada Museum – The Technik Museum –

If you are into vintage cars and motorcycles, then you got to visit Jesada Technik Museum. It is minutes away from Baan Plearn-Naam, and entrance is free.

Jesada Car Museum, or ‘Jesada Technik Museum’, is a large private collection of vintage rare cars and motorbikes located in Nakhon Pathom. The museum was created by a successful Thai businessman named Jesada Deshsakulrith.

This museum displays all kind of vintage cars. How old and rare are they? Well, lets say that many of the cars displayed there are made of wood, leather, acrylic, etc. They really come from a time where there were still no standards and everything was possible.

Jesada Technik Museum
Jesada Technik Museum

There are cars that double as boats. Cars with only 3 wheels. Cars that have a single door in the front of the car, etc. You can even see the DeLorean car used in “Back To The Future” movie here!

They have also motorbikes, vintage bicycles, some boats, a helicopter from the Vietnam war era and a double decker London bus.

If you are even slightly interested about the history of human mobility in the 20th Century, Jesada Car Museum, or Jesada Technic Museum is definitely worth a visit. Worth the visit, kids will love it.

The Foods – Keeping My All Protein And Fats Nutrition In Style –

Since I am doing a 90 days No Sugars, No Carbs experiment, I was happy to know that there was a grill and a garden. I got the charcoal, the wine, the grass-fed, organic steaks, the chorizo and the sausages. Tarin and Iryn got lots of seafood, Ugandan coffee, and vegetables.

Living the slow life, making a fire, grilling everything to perfection – or a bit more than perfection -, watching the river flow to the ocean, mesmerizing sunsets and the clear skies at night made for a perfect weekend escapade from Bangkok.

The Budget For Our Weekend Escapade From Bangkok

Each night of accommodation was 3,000 for the four of us, but as mentioned the house has space for at least 6 people.

The food we brought, all of the highest quality must have costed around 6,000 baht. So the 2 nights accommodation and food, must have accounted for no more than 12,000 baht. Three thousand per head, again, best quality. If we had settle for normal Thai food we could have saved a lot more. But why not pamper oneself with the best money can buy when it is so affordable?

Our Sunset In Nakhon Pathom
Our Sunset In Nakhon Pathom

Not bad for a very unplanned weekend escapade from Bangkok. Not bad for a piece of heaven.

Real Nature One Hour Away From Bangkok

The two things that shined the most were nature and peace. Except a few speed boats and some jet skies, the place was quiet and peaceful. The sunsets were outstanding. Swimming in the river after long paddles, refreshing.

It was almost surreal to paddle and swim in a wide, clean river only one hour away from Bangkok!

All, without breaking the bank, breaking our backs traveling long hours, or contending with the crowds.

Jetskis In Tha Chin River
Jetskis In Tha Chin River

It goes to show that not every holiday has to be in a fancy, “brochure” kind of destination.

There are so many amazing options for a one night trip from Bangkok, and this one is one worth considering. There are many great properties to be found with airbnb along rivers in Thailand. They cater all budgets and tastes.

Contact Information Baan Plaern-Naam:

Baan Plearn-nam บ้านเพลินนำ้
Ngiu Rai, Nakhon Chai Si District, Nakhon Pathom 73120
081 643 1900

Back To The Future
Back To The Future
Garden Swing
Garden Swing