No a lot of cravings these last thirty one days, since I started my No Sugars, No Carbs, 90 days experiment. So the first third is down and things are going quite well. If you didn’t catch the last update, you can find it here.

After last Saturday real crisis, when I felt like going on holidays without indulging in eating desserts and comfort food was a terrible idea, things started looking up.


I have very little to no cravings at all during the day. In the evening though, because I conditioned myself for so many years to eat something sweet, I still have a distant “idea” of – what am I going to treat myself with? -, I simply observe it until it goes away..

I don’t miss carbs, bread, pasta, rice, or veggies… not even fruit. My cravings are only about dessert of some sort.


Everything is going well on that department but I do wonder if just a tiny bit of fermented vegetables, such as Sauerkraut or Kimchi, could help with elimination.

Food Quantities

I am eating less and less, I just don’t have a big appetite anymore. I am falling more into one big meal and a very small. I am doing more of a lunch and dinner since I am not hungry in the mornings. I am still eating mostly beef, some pork, cheese, duck and chicken eggs, bacon and butter. Milk for my cappuccinos.

While I am not hungry I am keeping a good eye on not under eating. Under eating can cause cravings that lead to binging sessions. I don’t want to put myself in such situation.

Body Fat

While I haven’t loss any weight in the last 2 weeks, my body appears leaner and my muscles more cut. I start seeing clearly my 6 pack and the veins in my arms and chest. I like that!

People Around Me

I get a lot of good feedback from people around. They are curious and happy to see progress. But there is also another group of people who seem annoyed by what I do.

They think it is extreme, even though I am in good health and better shape they will ever be.

Some think that the fact that I partly-own a Mexican Restaurant is contradictory with my rejection to carbs. Last time I checked, I don’t force anyone to eat tortillas. They should also remember that I eat our Mexican Food every single time I work there. So eating proteins and fats without carbs is perfectly possible while eating Mexican Food.

Some people are just cynical and ask those around me why I do this if I will go back to eat like everyone else. They seem to know more about my future decision that I do myself. They also seem to forget the word EXPERIMENT.

Funny thing, those who like what I am doing give me feedback straight to my face. The doubters and the haters keep bombarding my brother and my wife with their comments and questions. No balls to talk straight to me.


This lifestyle has proven less challenging than I ever anticipated. Cravings were of a mental personal wall, rather than something real to fear. I must remind you that I kept delaying this experiment at least for a full year, since I was afraid of failing on week one.

So there is really nothing that justifies people eating carbs and sugars to death. It is only about the willingness to trust oneself and follow through our decision to make changes for the best.

I hope the next few weeks are as boring as this one, because it will mean, that I have overcome my mind and all its imaginary fears.

Thanks for following this experiment and see you again next week!