Three full weeks have passed by and the 90 days No Sugars, No Carbs experiment is yielding positive results. While most days have been uneventful, last Saturday the 17th of March wasn’t. If you lost the last delivery, it is here.

Realizing There Is No Way Out

For the last many years I have been very mindful over what I eat. Going No Sugars, No Carbs was just one more step in my journey towards building the best possible health and probably some longevity in the process.

But everytime, no matter how committed I was to eating healthy, once I was on holiday, I would let my hair down and eat some bad meals and plenty of desserts.

Sometimes before going on holidays I would promise myself to “try” avoiding overeating, but I rarely succeeded.

Last Saturday I decided to go for a quick escapade to a beach town near Bangkok.

At first I didn’t think much about it, but soon I realized that this time I had to stick to my No Sugars, No Carbs regardless I was going on holidays or not. No immediate gratification this time. Goodbye to the milkshakes, almond croissants, hot chocolate, and midnight ice cream. Can this be called a holiday? – I started asking myself -.

Confusion, Sadness, Emptiness, Depression

I shouldn’t have been surprised. It was me who decided the length of the experiment to expose myself to as many situations as possible.

But while I was driving I started feeling emotionally weak, kind of sad.

At first it was uneasiness, but not long after, I was having doubts about going to the beach altogether – Why to go on holidays at all, if I can’t indulge in the usual delicious stuff?

As the day passed I got worse. In the evening, nothing could make me feel better. Not even feasting on sea food helped me feeling less miserable. I thought I was over my emotional attachment to food, but clearly, I was wrong.

The feeling was that of mourning, as if someone had died on me. Unreasonable, crazy and even stupid if you ask me, but that is the nature of addictions.

Constant Eating is an Addiction

Food can be an addiction, just as cocaine or an abusive relationship. Every addiction tries to cover deep seated pain.

We human beings are deeply afraid of our mortality, no matter how much we deny it.

We are afraid of the void, the absolute not being, the unmanifested. For that reason, we go through life avoiding the quiet moments that make us reflect on our nature.

We like keeping ourselves busy, surrounded by people, activities, work, – anything to keep us distracted -. Food is just another expression of that avoidance. Eating constantly becomes some kind of never ending activity, white noise that cancels out our very thoughts.

Having worked so hard on these fears for over a decade, I thought I was out of fear and therefore not addicted to food, but I was dead wrong.

Pursue, Then Pursue More, And Then Some More

So my day at the beach was anything but enjoyable. I finally went to bed without touching any desserts or carbs. Luckily I have a supportive woman by my side who understands my crazy experiments and always supports me. She hugged me through the night as you hold a child afraid of darkness. I slept well.

By the morning that black cloud over my head had disappeared. I didn’t feel good or bad, just neutral. I went for a big brunch at an English Pub and ate roasted chicken, pork and beef to my heart’s content. When the time came to reject the free-flow-of-ice cream, I didn’t hesitate. I confronted my monster and succeeded.

From that moment on, I haven’t had a single moment of weakness. My mind stopped trying to trick me into thinking, wishing or regretting my decisions or any imaginary future. My addiction to food, if there is any still, has been weakened at the core. With that, some of the pain the soul was still holding, has vanished.

This experiment has yielded then, its best result so far. I feel truly satisfied with the outcome. If this were to be the only positive result I had in these 90 days, I would call it a resounding success.

Getting Lean With No Sugar, No Carbs Experiment

I didn’t lose much weight this week, probably a couple of hundred grams at most, but my body is leaner and the skin tighter.

This is actually good news for me, since it shows that this way of eating is sustainable. If my weight was plummeting, or I was packing fat, it would mean there was something wrong with my food and I would have to change again.

Depending on what I eat the day before, the time and amount, my weight varies from 76.8 to 76.1. I started at 80.4 kilograms 24 days ago.

Real Commitment Brings Evolution and Progress

When you are entirely committed to something, you go into a high gear of self development.

Committing is taking responsibility of your actions fully. Leaving things to others equals to planting excuses along the way to have someone or something to blame in case of failure.

Since I started my No Sugars, No Carbs Experiment, I have been consistent ordering my food, handling it, cooking it and consuming it.

In the past, I would order or not, I would never cook it. I would sometimes eat it, sometimes I’d leave it to rot.

Incredibly I am even doing all the cooking at home. Something I never did before. I just didn’t care about kitchen stuff. Now I watch videos, try new ideas, buy cookware and stay truly engaged with the whole process of my experiment. Positive results are therefore inevitable.

It Is Seriously Good For My Economy

Long are the times when I was materialistic. My main addiction was shopping for very expensive things. As stated above, addictions are only ways of covering deep seated, undifferentiated pain.

Being a shopaholic was an addiction that costed me my first marriage, and peace of mind for years. I became enslaved to debt in the past simply from buying too much stuff I didn’t even need. I was trying to buy “happiness” and ended up miserable and broke.

My life today can be described as frugal at best, not by need, but by choice. Rarely I buy things unless I really need them. No more brand name stuff for me, unless I really need something of good quality that will stand the test of times.

Eating No Sugars and No Carbs, is helping me to be more prudent in my spending. My weekly expenses amount to 30 dollars a week. This money covers my taxis and my coffee.

The less you need, the happier you are – at least in my case -.

The Love Life

This is a funny one. It took 15 years of marriage and going into a No Sugar, No Carbs Experiment, to learn how to spend the highest quality time with my wife.

She has been my greatest supporter and my most defiant follower. She never bought into my food beliefs or experiments. For years she has allowed me to do whatever I wanted, as long as I didn’t bother her.

This time though, she quietly jumped into the experiment wagon. Only on the second week of my experiment she revealed that she had joined my experiment from the beginning.

Once you have been with someone for a while you stop paying attention to him or her. It is not about love, but “real-life” comes in the way and you stop seeing the person you love as you did at the beginning of the relationship. You are not amazed at having this person with you, they become just part of our lives, but without the appreciation.

This isn’t the case anymore. We buy groceries together. Prepare everything for cooking. We cook together and even eat most of the times together. Without smartphones distracting us.

Seems like we picked a common interest, healthy food, and it has united us, as nothing had before. I am happy and in love. Corny? Yes, Good? Absolutely!

Last Thoughts

Testosterone is still either higher that it was before the experiment began, or I have become more sensitive to the amounts I already had in the body. Nocturne and morning erections prove my point clearly.

Energy levels are good, no mental fogginess during the day or after meals.

No joint pain in the mornings, no matter how many hours I move and train QiGong the day before.

Meal frequency is falling to only one big meal and a very small one per day. My body seems to be quite happy eating less and I am happy with the reduction. The less meals one takes a day, the less insulin is released in the body.

The ability to socialize while following this experiment is high, since finding a steak or an English Breakfast is easy – just replace the bread, the squash and the beans with extra bacon -.

The chances of me keeping this No Sugar, No Carbs diet after the 90 days are over are increasing daily. I like how I feel and how I look. Life is good.

But that is a decision I won’t make for now. I don’t want to forgo conclusions that belong to the future and may only bring unwanted stress into my life.

One month will be achieved by the end of this week. I passed the worst crisis so far, things are looking good.

Thanks for reading and until the next delivery!