Story at-a-glance

  • Good Nutrition can help us to thrive and keep our physical and mental capabilities until very old age.
  • When in pain or sick we resort to pharmaceutical drugs that are designed to neutralize the symptoms, but never to heal the causes. We never consider the foods we eat to resolve the health issues our poor diets helped creating.
  • Modern society diseases are mostly the result of modern living, -Processed Foods, Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavors, Additives, Teflon, Aluminium, Petroleum, all find their way into our bodies on daily basis.
  • Religion, Animal Rights, Spiritual Searching, and Social Standing, shouldn’t be determinant factors in our food choices.

Nutrition is the bases of life. Without it, we wither and die.

Poor nutrition damages our health, both physical and mental. Compromised Nutrition develop diseases that take away our quality of life, our mental balance and the dignity every human being should have at the time of death.

Much of what is blamed on “aging” is only the result of Nutrition that isn’t conducive to health.

Good Nutrition on the other hand help us to thrive and keep our physical and mental capabilities until the very end.

Nutrition as an Expression of Our Believes

As a very sophisticated hominid, we have made our Nutrition, a form of expression of our believes. Religion, Animal Rights, Spiritual Searching, and Social Standing, take a front seat on our choices of food.

Marketing, Institutionalized Formulas, Overworking and Ignorance also play their roles in our Nutrition.

We forget that first and foremost we are a biological entities that require very specific Nutrition to maintain health. Going against our Biological Nature has resulted in the worst epidemics of Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer, in history.

Food Nurtures Health or Disease, Your Choice

When in pain or sick we resort to pharmaceutical drugs that are designed to neutralize the symptoms, but never to heal the causes. We kill the messenger without ever listening the message.

We want to avoid pain instantly without understanding what causes it.

When told that Nutrition is the cure, everyone looks the other way. No one wants to take responsibility for their own body. It is easier to take pills than to modify our Nutrition.

Doctors and studies tell us food can’t be the trigger of disease neither the cure. They have their own truth. Every institution invests great amounts of time and effort on self-preservation.

Modern society diseases are all the result of Modern Living. Processed foods, Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavors, Additives, Teflon, Aluminium, Petroleum, all find their way into our bodies on daily basis.

Trends to glorify vegetables over meat, sugars over fat, have been catastrophic. Suffice to search on Google Nutrition to see an explosion of greens. Yet people are sicker than ever.

Never in history had so many people have been affected by tumours and cancers as we do today.

In such a situation we have only 2 choices:

  • Stay the same and become part of the macabre statistics
  • Inform ourselves, read, study, experiment and escape the faith that modern living imposes on its members

My Personal Choice 13 years Ago

I personally chose the second one, as I couldn’t bare to be in so much pain from injuries that never seemed to heal.

I got tired of being crippled by pain at age 30. I couldn’t imagine going through the next 30 or 40 years in pain, always sick. Packing antibiotics, painkillers and muscle relaxants regularly.

I had a privileged life that I couldn’t enjoy. I got overweight, I was in hell and on my way to an early, painful death. Livers can take only so many chemicals without paying the price.

One day, I woke up, and cried while sitting on my bed. I was about to give up. I couldn’t take any more pain.

It was then that miraculously I got referred to a physiotherapist that would end up changing my life.

It was her, with an approach to healing unlike any other I have seen, that started me to understand Movement and Nutrition as healing tools.

After that, I understood that everything that was happening to my body was self-created. Lack of knowledge about how to move, how to rest, why to rest and what to eat, had created the situation I was in.

Read, Discriminate, Experiment, and Implement, Then Keep or Discharge

From then on, I read and tried everything I could about nutrition. I learn to distinguish the truth from the propaganda. The knowledge from cheap articles that only want “likes”.

I found out that most of our popular “knowledge” about food isn’t true. Most of our beliefs come out of bad research that later was exposed as false, but that the media had already enshrined into a Dogma everyone believed.

I tried carefully Vegetarianism and Veganism, and saw great, but temporary results. Then I had enough knowledge to discover the agenda behind groups that prefer to lie to people for the sake of Animal Rights.

It took great courage to try things, like those things, and then give them up once it was clear that they didn’t work long term. It is difficult to not identify oneself with a theory or trend.

I had to navigate through months of not knowing what to eat to keep enhancing my body’s health.

Every step was profound and meaningful, even the wrong ones. As long as you learn, nothing ever is a mistake.

Sharing the Knowledge

Now, almost 13 years after beginning my research on Nutrition, I have achieved the health I once only could dream with. My body is in a non-inflammatory state permanently. I never injure myself because my fascia, joints and muscles are well nurtured, hydrated and prepared for the unexpected.

When I have trauma due to small accidents, the area affected heals in record times. Full function is achieved within days.

My weight at its peak was 95 kilograms, now I am never heavier than 78. I stand at 1.80 meters. Body fat is always around 12% at 45 years old. Heartbeat in the mornings is on the very low 40’s. All thanks to the Nutrition I have today and the Movement Method I created along the way, 5 years ago.

For the last 3 years I have helped people to recover health, lose weight and to get their bodies out of injury and chronic pain. All with outstanding success.

These are proven strategies, a lot of them backed of by science, but not all. Science is another self-preserving entity that doesn’t welcome knowledge that contradict its basis.

Last Thoughts About Nutrition

While I believe that there is a certain individuality when it comes to eating, I still believe that our Biological Signature is shared among all of us.

A dog eats like a dog, a tiger like a tiger. A human, should eat like a human. Moral, Spiritual, Social or Religious standards shouldn’t be the criteria from where we choose our food.

We have a responsibility to ourselves, first and foremost. Only then, we can spread goodness, empathy and beauty.

If you are in a situation where you are ready to give up self-imposed believes in true search for health and well being, contact me. Together we can make a difference.

Tlahui Calva