So this is the 3rd delivery of my 90 days, No Sugars, No Carbs experiment. If you didn’t read the last post, you can read it the 2nd delivery here.

I am happy to say that things are going well up until this point. I am even seeing some hair regrowth!

This is a quick break up of the most meaningful details of this experience.

Digestion on my No Sugars, No Carbs Experiment

Things are going well in that department and I am falling naturally into Intermittent Fasting.

At first I thought I was going to eat every 12 hours but my stomach disagreed. Now I am gravitating towards 14-16 hours of fasting and a one and a half meals, within the rest of the 24 hours day.

One meal tends to be much bigger than the other but I haven’t seen a pattern that repeats daily.

Amount of Calories in my No Sugars, No Carbs Experiment

People have approached me telling me that perhaps I am losing weight because I am not eating enough calories, so I counted the calories I eat and ended up with a rather healthy 2,500 calories per day.

When I was vegan, vegetarian or I just maintained some balance between proteins, carbs and fats, I always had to limit my calorie intake to 1,800 per day. If I went higher that that I would immediately start gaining weight.

At that time I had a hard time staying between 82 to 84 kilograms, while now, eating 800 calories more per day I stay between 76-78 kilograms with ease.

The Moneys

This is something that I can’t believe! I started the week with 5 thousand Baht, around 140 american dollars in my pocket. At the end of the week i had 3,500 baht with me. I had spent ONLY 35 dollars in a whole week. That was spent drinking coffee and paying taxis.

My savings were so good that I decided to get a new 4K Video Recorder from Sony.

Talk about a diet being good for my economy!


When I lose fat, I am always concerned about the skin in my tummy. It usually goes saggy as if I had just delivered twin babies. There is no point having a six pack covered in saggy, old skin.

But since the weight loss has been so gradual and I am eating so many fats and collagen seems like the skin has had the time to respond and has tighten up.

I can see the whole skin of my body and face tightening nicely!

The Hidden Experiment: Hair Regrowth

Around 18 months ago my dad recommended me to use Baking Soda mixed with water to try and get some hair regrowth.

I tried without any expectation, not even caring to see if it was working or not. But certainly there wasn’t a change dramatic enough to draw my attention.

Then around 10 months ago I went on a Low Carb, Low Sugar diet, similar to what I am doing now, but not as strict.

I was on it for around 4 months, and to my surprise I saw hair regrowth on my bald head! I had easily got 30% of my hair back, which to me was absolutely flabbergasting!

And it wasn’t thin, weak hair, but fully recovered hair. Thick and resilient just as the one I still have on the sides of my head.

But then I went back to sugar consumption and the hair regrowth stopped. But the new hair stayed. It didn’t fall again.

Now, with such a strict diet, I am wondering whether I will unlock a new wave of hair growth.

I am also making sure to get all my minerals to aid regrowth, especially Zinc.

I start noticing a lot of follicles coming back to life. Lots of new, tiny hairs are growing where there was only a desert. But will it thicken and cover more of my bald patches?

I still have 10 weeks more to see results. It should be plenty of time to know for sure if not eating sugars, or carbs, plus all the mineral intake is a possible factor to lose and regrow hair. Time will tell!


I am still dreaming a lot. Usually eating too much protein before bed ensures to have nightmares. I don’t think anyone really knows why this happens.

In a normal day, I will eat some dark chocolate or a piece of fruit before sleeping to aid sleeping quality, but this time I don’t have such option available. Instead I will try to eat earlier and earlier each day. I want to avoid bad dreams at all cost!

On Tuesday night I kept dreaming that I had already eaten some carbs, and I was shocked not to have noticed myself doing it. Inside the dream I kept thinking whether I should tell my viewers that I had broken my experiment. I am happy that while awake I wouldn’t hesitate on share my failures with you!

It is strange that I have this kind of dreams since I still don’t feel a real struggle within myself to keep with No Sugars and No Carbs.

No Sugars, No carbs, No Milk either?

I am trying to replace the milk on my coffee with Coconut Oil and Unsalted Butter. The reason to move away from milk is the hormones that come in the milk, the enzymes that are good for a big mammal but not necessary to small mammals like us.

Plus is well known the traces of pus and blood that come in milk, due to the infections that cows’ tits experience from the permanent pumping.

I just remembered about the other reason I have to reduce milk intake! It may aid my hair regrowth. All those hormones may delay or limit my hair regrowth. While I am happy bald, I would love to get my hair back!!!

I will take this one easy though, I don’t want to set myself for failure. I have too little things to fall on when I want to “pamper” myself. My Flat White is one of them.

Why So Extreme?

People are asking me this question. They truly believe I am going to the extreme.

In the video that is attached to this blog, I explain how Proteins and Fats are absolutely indispensable for the body. How important are they? Essential, to the point that we can’t live without them. We are made out of them and depend on them to stay alive.

Minerals are the other blocks of life that if not present in the body, wreak havoc in our health.

That is why I don’t consider my experiment to be extreme.

It may look extreme in a world where Immediate Satisfaction seem to be a Human Right, but it isn’t.

How extreme is to deny a kid throwing a tantrum whatever he or she is desiring? That is the “extreme” I am going now to. My body may throw tantrums for sugars and carbs, which aren’t essential for my health nor my well being.

Quick Escapade but No Sugars, No Carbs!

Today I live for Pattaya, a nice beach town 2 hours away from Bangkok.

I usually go there to do SUP (Stand Up Paddling). I am happy to go, but at the same time I have a very strange feeling. I feel some weird emptiness knowing that I am going for a short holiday, but I won’t be able to eat and drink whatever I usually indulge while on vacations.

It does feel weird. Kind of, what am I going to do? What kind of holiday is this? I thought I was way over my emotional attachment to food, but probably not as over as i thought I was.

That is all for now, and I will be documenting my experience through the next 7 days for you.