Nine days have gone since I started my 90 days No Sugars, No Carbs diet and I am still here! So this is the report of everything that has happened in those 9 days.

If you couldn’t read my first blog you can find it here.

First impressions

Going No Sugars, No Carbs wasn’t so difficult. As I stated in the first blog, this is something I wanted to do for so long, but I had postponed. I was afraid that sugar cravings were going to get the best out of me.

But no, not at all. It goes to prove that if you wholeheartedly decide something, you can accomplish it.

The first 2 days I lost immediately 2 kilograms, which were obviously water I was retaining from all the sugars and carbs I had been eating the month before while traveling.

It then took 7 more days to lose 1.4 kilograms, this most likely a combination of water and fat.

Remember, I started at 80.4, this morning I weighed 77 kg.

At no point I felt the need to eat sweets, bread, pasta or rice. It is fair to say that my body has been fat adapted for a long time. Probably 3 years. So no drop of energy, no dizziness, no cold spells, no keto flu, nothing.

Digestion and Elimination in a No Sugar, No Carbs Diet

Doctors have us to believe that starchy carbs are essential for good digestion and elimination. The reasons for this idea are dubious and have never been proven in serious research. Fibre from veggies isn’t essential for good digestion and elimination. Neither to prevent Colon Cancer as once believed.

As such, my digestion feels effortless. One of the benefits of eating animal proteins is that it leaves you satisfied but never heavy.

At the moment I am going to the toilet once every couple of days in average. When eating a diet high in carbs I usually go once or even twice, and the volume is much larger.

The body seem to process meats much better than vegetables. Just think about those kernels of corn that go undigested all the way to the toilet.

It really seems like the body absorbs much better animal proteins than vegetables, fruits and grains (AKA carbs).

Constipation? A bit. Diets Low on Carbs or with No Carbs, tend to require a higher supply of water and electrolytes – Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium -. So I doubled water and mineral ingestions.

It usually take a 3 to 5 days for the stool to soften and stop being an issue. This isn’t just a diet, it is a completely different way of how your body operates.

Energy levels in a No Sugar – No Carbs Diet

Optimal. Once the body is tuned to use fat instead of glucose for fuel, you experience a continuous, high level of energy.

When you are running in glucose, your body depletes very quickly the sugar in your bloodstream.

In a healthy body, the cells would switch automatically to use your own stored fat for energy.

Unfortunately, due to our constant overeating of carbs and sugars, our cells lose the capacity to convert fat into energy. The brain panics and sends messages of weakness, dizziness, and sleepiness, which gets us to run for our next sugary treat.

This in turn activates the insulin response to control the sugar overload in the body and you start disrupting your hormonal balance. With that damages to the heart occur, as well as to the liver and pancreas, and we are on our happy way to fatty liver and pancreas and the marvelous world on diabetes!

And when running in fat? None of the above happens, and you naturally tap on your almost endless supplies of “jet-fuel” like energy.

Wallet is Happy on No Sugar – No Carbs

I am saving a ton of money. How much? 20 american dollars a day, 600 a month. Combined with the wife who is doing this experiment together? Easily 1200 dollars. All savings due to avoiding carbs and sugars.

Since I am forced to cook and eat at home or at my restaurant, The Missing Burro, I am hardly spending any money, other than to buy a couple of cappuccinos a day.

Since the wife is doing the same, we are not spending any money eating out or going for cake, ice cream, etc.

We are also spending more time together which is always great when you still can tolerate your second half 😉

This saving more than compensate the cost of the grass fed, organic New Zealand beef I am ordering from Paleo Robbie.

So… 1,200 dollars per month wealthier, slimmer and healthier. F**k health insurance!

Cooking skills

Those who know me well are shocked when they hear me saying I know where my kitchen is located at home, – let alone I am actually doing the cooking -.

It is an art that I never cared about. I never found it interesting and to be honest, I was just too lazy to even try.

Now, since I really need to be responsible with what I am eating, I have developed some cooking skills that are yielding great results.

It is also forcing me to be more consistent and regular in my life. Less improvisation. I am enjoying it.

What am I cooking? I get a huge chunk of beef brisket every week. Chop it into 4 or 5 big parts. I keep the ones I am not going to cook in the freezer for later use.

I also order grass fed, organic bones and I make a broth by slow cooking them for 10 hours with some onion and garlic.

Then I sear the meat quickly and I put inside my Slow Cooker, on a bed of onions I make to make sure it doesn’t burn. Then I add broth, mashed garlics, salt and pepper and a splash of Organic Cider Vinegar and slow cook it for 10 hours at low temperature.

Ten hours later, I get the most delicious meat and broth you can imagine. It is so yummy!

Do I get bored of eating the same? Not really. I try to appreciate what I have at the moment, instead of projecting my mind and thinking in the next 80 meals that will be the same.

You may want to learn how to change your emotional relationship with food.

Less chemicals

For a long while I was a vegan, and I was concerned by the amount of chemicals that go into our foods. But I could do nothing about it.

Pesticides, fertilizers and all kind of chemicals are used regularly in most vegetables, roots, nuts and fruits. No matter how organic farmers say they are, they really aren’t.

Since 60% of my diet is based on pasture fed, organic beef from New Zealand, I am exposed to less chemicals than ever before in my life.

That also means less exogen hormones are finding their way into my body. That, combined with my Movement and QiGong practice, should help getting rid of some of the nasty chemicals out of my body in time.

My hormones

As predicted, day 6 saw some obvious extra testosterone presence. I can only wait and see how much this hormone goes up.

If it keeps going up and stays there consistently, I should be able to add some muscle mass even I am not training for that.

I may have to add a second wife soon! Hehe.

The Skin

To be a guy that never uses any skin product, not even sunscreen, my skin is quite very good. But now it is clearing even more.

The wife, who is following this diet is noticing a HUGE change on her skin. She usually indulges in too much sugars and rice, so her gains in this department are way more noticeable than mine.

Skin in my abdomen, that is another thing altogether! Since I lost 3.4 kg in only a week, my skin is looking a bit flabby.

I knew this was going to happen, and that is why I am making and drinking plenty of broth. Hopefully all the collagen in the broth will fix that.

If not, be ready to donate some dollars for this author’s tummy tuck! 😀

The Dreams

I am sleeping well, but I do notice I need the air conditioning colder than usual. My body is either a tad warmer than usual, or is more resilient to cold. No idea here just yet.

The strange thing is the dreams.

First I have dreamed a few times that I am eating carbs, when suddenly I remember i am in a No Sugar, No Carbs Diet!

It keeps happening through the night. And no, I am not struggling while I am awake by not eating no sugars, no carbs diet, but perhaps getting rid of this addiction is creating some stress in my subconscious mind.

In my dreams I am not really enjoying the carbs, I just find myself forgetting I was in such diet.

Plus, one more thing about the dreams.

For a long time I wanted to develop Lucid Dream abilities, but I couldn’t. Nowadays I feel that my dreams are much more “palpable”. Sometimes I have hints that I am in a dream but still can control what happens in them. Will going no sugars, no carbs will finally help me unlock such an awesome ability?

This is one of the reasons I love experimenting with my body. I never know what the next line of research will be!

Closing Thoughts

So far so good, I am excited about what is coming in the next few weeks.

I am not afraid and the outcome seems to be going to the positive side. But it is too early to tell and I will be observing myself thoroughly to notice every change in my body and life.

And remember to share this blog or the videos, it could change someone’s life for the best.

If you have questions or comments, please send them as a Direct Message or leave them on the box underneath.

Thanks again!