Are you always exhausted by the end of the day? Do you dread  thinking about how tired you will feel tomorrow? Did you ever think that correcting your posture can improve the quality of your life and create a surplus of energy that will help you accomplish more during your day, every single day?

A year and a half ago, my brother and I opened a Mexican restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, called The Missing Burro. After so many years out of the country we were missing real Mexican food, and wanted to share it for the whole world to try. The last thing I had in my mind was that posture could help me achieve success!

Our food was well received and within months we were popular among the very competitive Bangkok’s dining scene.

We were happy as business owners, but I personally, wasn’t.

Before opening The Missing Burro, I was in bed no later than 23:00, which allowed enough rest and recovery. More important for an adult male, hormonal balance such as -testosterone, growth hormone, etc -.

But theories and good intention go down the toilet when you have to work and have no option, but to do things.

After the first few weeks, when we were running on excitement, I experienced a change in mood. I became impatient and grumpy. My body started aching from standing long hours.

Soon all I wanted was everyone to leave so I could close shop and go to sleep.

I started getting the flue often. The health I had worked so hard for was escaping through my hands like water, and I had no idea what to do about it.

Stop accumulating time

It was at that time that I found a book called The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. In his book Eckhart talks about the importance of not letting the mind accumulate time.

By thinking too much about the past, you burden yourself and your body feels it. By projecting the mind into the future, – how tired you will be -, your body gets tired over things it hasn’t even done!

This accumulation of time makes you anxious, tired and depressed. The opposite, having a constant presence of mind, constantly being aware of your body, keeps you fresh, alert and positive.

So I had a solution. I couldn’t stop doing the restaurant business, but I could stop accumulating time and inhabit my body by being present in the now, without dreading past or future.

I stopped counting the few hours I had slept the day and week before. I stopped counting the hours I was going to sleep that night. And I stopped thinking how bad I was going to feel the next day.

Incredibly, after only a few weeks I started feeling lighter and my mood improved.

Eat to reduce pain and inflammation

The factor I knew I had to be careful from the beginning was the food. I had seen too many restaurant owners go from lean to obese in a matter of months. I wasn’t about to allow that to happen!

I had just stopped being a “vegan” as it became evident that such a diet was damaging my body. So I was eating a “balanced diet” which is a code word for “I really have no idea what to do with my nutrition”.

So not to become a fat restaurant owner I re-implemented intermittent fasting. That way I could accommodate the extra calories from all the wine and spirits tasting I was doing. It also helped me to re-balance my hormones from lack of sleep.

At that time, a good friend of mine had been telling me about ketosis and a full carnivore diet. I dismissed them at first because it contradicted everything I thought I knew about nutrition.

Then I got my hands in a book called “The Plant Paradox”. where I learned that plants, vegetables, grains, fruits and nuts defend themselves from predators by way of chemical war.

Plants produce toxic chemicals called lectins, to poison predators not to be eaten to extinction.

That finally explained my bloating and inflammation! I was being poisoned by plants!

Once I removed almost every carb from my diet I experienced a surge of energy and strength that was hard to believe in a 44 years old man.

Not only that, my testosterone went through the roof! I never tested this on laboratory, but my morning “reactions” (yes, massive uncalled-wasted erections that usually stop happening naturally at some point in your 30’s) came back with a rage.

Posture, the “X” factor

Late nights stopped being an issue for a long time, now.

It happened so naturally that I didn’t even notice.

Today, and for the last year, I have such a surplus of energy that I have to force myself to sleep no later than 1 am. I wondered how that’s possible, since now I am working harder than 2, 5 or 10 years go!

How come I feel younger and more energetic today than ever before?

The answer came while I was in The Missing Burro’s garden. I was watching the moon when I realized how effortlessly I was standing.

It was close to midnight after working more than 18 hours, yet I felt no tension in my body. I ran a quick “body awareness” scan, as I usually do, and realized that my whole skeletal system was aligned naturally, without compensations. Working with gravity, not against it.

Bad posture is nothing but misalignment of the body’s structures. The body is fighting gravity be generating tension to misplace permanently the head, neck, spine, rib cage, hips, legs, feet, etc, from its natural position to avoid pain due to earth’s “pulling”.

Keeping the body misaligned and dysfunctional doesn’t come cheap. Incredible amounts of energy are wasted in doing so. Fixing an incorrect posture will save the body from unnecessary energy expenditure.

Plus having good posture gives a feeling of plenitude, joy and self-confidence that are irreplaceable in my opinion.

That was the last piece of the puzzle that had fallen into place long ago, but went unnoticed. All the energy that in the past was allocated – wasted – to keeping myself upright was now at the disposal of my body and mind to achieve more significant things.

I finally had located where the surplus of energy was coming from.

Imagine what you could do in life if you had at your disposal 50% more energy through the day, every day!

Posture for a better life

For the last 5 years I have been developing, practicing and coaching people my movement’s method to develop better posture and movement patterns.

While I was well aware of the benefits of proper alignment, I had never realized how much of a difference they had made in my life.

Good posture won’t happen by accident. Doing a couple of “corrective” exercises won’t help, since posture is a result of the whole body working in perfect harmony.

But looking back I can point now to the following to get good posture and keep it through life:

  • Develop body awareness to constantly inhabit your body. Without constant presence you “abandon” your body and proper alignment is lost
  • Stop living in your mind, projecting yourself into past and future. Mind projection is nothing but masked fear, and fear brings contraction, the opposite of what good posture is.
  • Eat a diet that provides the right nutrients to feed your nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Without animal protein and fatty acids your organs, bones, articulations, nerves and brain can’t repair and thrive, in fact, it gets slowly eaten by your own body for food.
  • Drop the sugars, grains and vegetable oils. They cause inflammation which equals to poor alignment due to inflammation of ligaments and tendons.
  • Drink water that provides minerals. No minerals equals to dehydration that limits fascia mobility and to mitochondrial inefficiency – your cells are like tiny batteries and without minerals they just can’t recharge properly -. Learn about chronic dehydration and its effects here
  • Learn to move. Movement can be a great healer, learn how here. .

Final thoughts

Good posture can be gained at any point in life, no matter how old you are, you can always develop it.

Correct posture can also be lost, so don’t expect your young children to be able to keep good posture just by yelling at them. Most of the “cues” we are taught and teach our children develop wrong posture, simply because we DON’T know how proper posture feels!

If you are interested on developing a great posture, that will fend you from pain and lack of energy (or even surgeries) go and check my packages to correct your posture here.

Thanks for reading and until the next time!