Have you noticed how cheap buying coconut water has become in Thailand in the last few months? And they seem to be sold in every street by the producers themselves in those pickup trucks they park on streets around Bangkok. So I should be happy about it and telling one everyone to drink up, but no…

I am usually “Mr. Drink as much coconut water as you can” because I know is a great way of recovering health.

Coconut water is one of the best sources of minerals in nature. Its bioavailability is second to none. And here in Thailand, coconuts are never far away and even when expensive, they are still affordable.

Always be suspicious when prices drop

If you have lived here long enough, you may have noticed the price of coconut water skyrocketed for the last few years.

During the first part of 2017 the price reached as high as 50 Baht per fresh coconut. A disease infected a lot of coconut palm trees in the country, so they lost a great part of their produce. Too much demand, too little offer.

Government decided to help farmers by handing out the right pesticide to prevent another year of losses.

Farmers were warned to only use it in palm trees higher than 12 meters, otherwise the insecticide would go right into the coconut water.

Guess what? A blend of greed and stupidity got the better of them and they used the pesticides on ALL palm trees, regardless of their size.

The result? Thai coconuts ended up banned around the world. There is just too much active pesticide in the coconut water to be drank safely.

So instead of taking the losses, farmers are dumping their toxic coconuts on us. Too much offer in comparison to the demand.

We are paying the price for their negligence.

How to replace coconut water then?

So, I have stopped drinking them. From up to 100 coconuts a month to zero. In a country as hot as this one, with air conditioners blasting us day and night, it isn’t easy to stay hydrated, and that is one of the reasons seems to fall so easily to disease here.

To get my Sodium, Trace Minerals, and Potassium, without drinking coconut water, I make my own drink. All ingredients are easy to find in Bangkok. If you live in a different province, you may have to ask someone from Bangkok to send you the ingredients, they are cheap and easy to send over snail mail.


  • 1 part of Himalayan salt – depending on how dehydrated I may add a full teaspoon –
  • 1 part baking soda – equal to that of Himalayan salt
  • 3 parts cream of tartar
  • 1 splash of apple cider vinegar

Add all in a liter of water, steer and drink slowly.

If you notice any discomfort, reduce the amounts until you find your sweet spot. We are all different and our activity levels, as well as how depleted or replenished our minerals may be in our bodies.

Remember, a good ratio is 3:1 Potassium to Sodium, but you may want to experiment with the amounts to see what fits best your body.

Magnesium, the key mineral

Now, Magnesium is absolute key to your mineral intake, because without it, you will have problems absorbing Sodium and Potassium. Magnesium is a difficult mineral to get, and to take in the right amount. If you over do it you will have diarrhea, so while not dangerous, it can be uncomfortable.

To get my magnesium safely and in the correct amounts I soak my feet on Epsom Salts dissolved in warm water for around 15 minutes, 3 times a week.

All these ingredients are easy to find in the “upper market” supermarkets in Bangkok.

Himalayan salt and baking soda are “no brainers”, I am sure you already know where to buy them or they are lying somewhere in your kitchen cabinets.

Cream of tartar may be slightly more difficult to find. Most people don’t know what it is or how it looks, as well as its usage. It is a white powder, byproduct of wine making, usually used for baking bread. Therefore you will find it in the area that sells baking products.

coconut water
Ingredients found at Tops Supermarket, Baking area, Central Rama 9

Best time to consume your coconut replacements and final thoughts

The best way to care and maintain health is to incorporate small changes and make them part of simple rituals. Then they can become habits.

My mornings start by making and consuming the drink I just recommended above. Which is also great for fat burning purposes.

At night, right before going to bed, 3 times per week, I end up my days by soaking my feet on Epsom Salts. It helps me sleep soundly.

It is crucial for your health to have your minerals at optimal levels. You would be surprised how much your cellular, mental and physical health depend on them, so make sure you get them in the most natural way you can.

Many people are still under the belief that if they eat enough fruits and vegetables they will get naturally the minerals they need. Nothing further than the truth.

Since the early 1950’s scientist are well aware that the depletion of our soils have left produce “empty” of most minerals and vitamins. Supplementing as naturally as possible, is paramount for good health.

And remember, sport drinks have very few, if any minerals, they are not more than flavored water with sugar.

So there you go, a cheap, and convenient way to replace coconut water until coconuts are pesticide free again!

So when to drink coconut water again safely?

Since no one is talking about this issue -for obvious reasons-, I don’t expect a big announcement on this. I guess the indication that things are back to normal will be the price of the coconut reaching the 40-50 bath mark again.

Meanwhile, you have a drink that is cheap and convenient, to replace coconut water until coconuts are pesticide free again!

I hope this recommendation helps you stay happy, healthy and hydrated!

Disclaimer: The information I based this article on can be found at: http://www.bangkokbiznews.com/news/detail/784172