Monday, October 14, 2019
Time Doesn't Exist

Time Doesn’t Exist – A Way To Be In The Now

Time Doesn't Exist. Realizing this simple, yet profound truth puts you well on your way to a blissful life.
New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions, How To Achieve Them – Smash Them! Or Not.

New Year Resolutions are there to give us hope, and then reasons for disappointment and frustration. In this video "Achieve Your New Year Resolutions",...

Being In The Now – The Connecting Thread Between Topics In ItsJustAmazing

Being In The Now is what finally has given me a way of "centering" to ItsJustAmazing content. I can finally expand the range of...
Carnivore Diet - Carnivore Way Of Eating

Why I Am Eating The Carnivore Diet Or The Carnivore Way Of Eating

This blog talks about the the reasons I am following the carnivore diet. The carnivore way of eating was the unintended consequence of years...

Taquito – My Dog -, And Human Creativity

Creativity... a concept that I had pondered for a very long time. Creativity is mentioned and recognized as a unique ability that separates human beings...

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No Sugars, No Carbs, No Cravings

Part 5 Of My No Sugars, No Carbs, 90 Days Experiment – No cravings No a lot of cravings these last thirty one days, since I started my No Sugars, No Carbs, 90 days experiment....
Tao Garden, Chiang Mai

Qigong practice, a day in Tao Garden, Chiang Mai

On my most recent trip to Chiang Mai, I decided to pay a visit to Tao Garden, a place that was set up by...
Movement Heals

One Month Coaching My Movement Method As A Movement Group Classes: The Findings

It has been 4 weeks since I started coaching Movement Group Class at Aspire. I usually don’t coach my Movement Method as Movement Group...

How to choose your personal trainer

Today I want to talk about an issue that is usually overlooked by most people when they decide to get a personal trainer...

Lose weight, the simplest way to reduce body fat!

This is the simplest tip you will probably EVER read on how to lose weight, change your outlook in life, while increasing your self-esteem....