Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Time Doesn't Exist

Time Doesn’t Exist – A Way To Be In The Now

Time Doesn't Exist. Realizing this simple, yet profound truth puts you well on your way to a blissful life.
New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions, How To Achieve Them – Smash Them! Or Not.

New Year Resolutions are there to give us hope, and then reasons for disappointment and frustration. In this video "Achieve Your New Year Resolutions",...

Being In The Now – The Connecting Thread Between Topics In ItsJustAmazing

Being In The Now is what finally has given me a way of "centering" to ItsJustAmazing content. I can finally expand the range of...
Carnivore Diet - Carnivore Way Of Eating

Why I Am Eating The Carnivore Diet Or The Carnivore Way Of Eating

This blog talks about the the reasons I am following the carnivore diet. The carnivore way of eating was the unintended consequence of years...

Taquito – My Dog -, And Human Creativity

Creativity... a concept that I had pondered for a very long time. Creativity is mentioned and recognized as a unique ability that separates human beings...

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Week 11 & 12 No Sugars, No Carbs Experiment

Part 11 and 12 Of My 3 Months No Sugars, No Carbs Experiment

So this is the last installment of my 90 days No sugars, No Carbs Experiment. It’s been a couple of weeks since I completed my...
Autodidact - Knowledge

The power of self created knowledge – AKA wisdom – AKA autodidact

A few days ago I was reading - again - the book “Antifragile”, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. To me, one of the greatest minds...
coconut water

Don’t drink coconut water in Thailand in 2018!

Have you noticed how cheap buying coconut water has become in Thailand in the last few months? And they seem to be sold in...

Conform And Get Rewarded With Acceptance Or Be Yourself And Enjoy!

Warning: This blog isn't for the faint hearted. If you believe formal education is the holy grail, social acceptance and reward are the basis...
No Sugars, No Carbs Experiment

Part 4 of 12: No Sugars, No Carbs Experiment – The Struggle – Three full weeks have passed by and the 90 days No Sugars, No Carbs experiment is yielding positive results. While most...