Saturday, December 15, 2018
Carnivore Diet - Carnivore Way Of Eating

Why I Am Eating The Carnivore Diet Or The Carnivore Way Of Eating

This blog talks about the the reasons I am following the carnivore diet. The carnivore way of eating was the unintended consequence of years...

Taquito – My Dog -, And Human Creativity

Creativity... a concept that I had pondered for a very long time. Creativity is mentioned and recognized as a unique ability that separates human beings...
One Hand Handstand

Movement Class In Benjakiti Park, Bangkok, Thailand

From the 30th of June 2018 onwards, I will open two Movement Class in Benjakiti Park, one on Saturday Morning and another one on...
Week 11 & 12 No Sugars, No Carbs Experiment

Part 11 and 12 Of My 3 Months No Sugars, No Carbs Experiment

So this is the last installment of my 90 days No sugars, No Carbs Experiment. It’s been a couple of weeks since I completed my...
What Is The Purpose Of LifeWhat Is The Purpose Of Life

What Is The Purpose Of Life?

This blog ponders about a question humanity has agonized over from the beginning of time: What is the purpose of life? The article you...

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No Sugars, No Carbs 90 Days Experiment

Part 6 Of My No Sugars, No Carbs, 90 Days Experiment – Health Hack Almost half way under the belt and to be honest, I never thought it could be this easy to kick the...

Why I love SUP (Stand Up Paddling) and you should too!!!

Just imagine this: you are in the middle of the sea or lake, looking at the beauty around, while sitting on a board...
Seek Help

Seek Help, Depression Doesn’t Go Away – The Mind, Addiction And Pain –

Today I got noticed that one of my very best friends killed himself a few days ago. Receiving these kind of news isn’t easy. Knowing...

Movement heals – What is my method? – Questions and Answers

I am convinced that movement heals. For the last few weeks I have been writing about my method, but until now, I haven’t been...
Autodidact - Knowledge

The power of self created knowledge – AKA wisdom – AKA autodidact

A few days ago I was reading - again - the book “Antifragile”, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. To me, one of the greatest minds...